why top

…All about the taste!

Everybody knows fruits and vegetables are such an important part of a healthy diet. The perception, though can be that incorporating the recommended minimum of five portions of fresh fruits or vegetables into your diet can be quite the challenge. Actually, though it should be the easiest thing in the world. After all, there’s nothing tastier than a fresh piece of fruit ripened to perfection. It’s the perfect snack, the perfect accompaniment. The perfect treat.

Fresh produce should never disappoint. In Total Produce we are absolutely committed to meeting and surpassing consumer expectations‚ to delivering an eating experience that is second to none.

The application of the TOP brand to our premium produce is our promise of superior quality. With it comes the assurance that the greatest of care has been taken, from seed to store in cultivating and distributing succulent TOP fruits & Vegetables.

Over a century of trading, Total Produce has established an unrivaled network of the world’s most accomplished growers and marketers, a network consisting of producers with proven track records at delivering truly exceptional produce. From this select group only the finest local and international growers are permitted to carry our TOP brand. Across production, we insist on the implementation of the very best growing practices – laying the right foundations for consistently superior produce. The result, we believe is fruit and vegetables, picked in their prime, packed at their freshest and ultimately served at their tastiest.

TOP then, is the zing that springs from the freshest of oranges, the wave of refreshment unleashed by a fresh Melon, the explosion of taste erupting from the ripest of Mangoes. TOP. It’s more than just a name.