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Welcome to – your one stop shop for all things fresh, fun and fruity. With helpful hints, simple recipes, sumptuous serving suggestions and straight forward nutritional advice, this is your access all areas pass to a whole new world of fresh produce. Enjoy...


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  • pumpkins_in_space

    Pumpkins In Space!
    with Sandeep Pandey

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  • Cantaloupe Melon

    Preparing a Carved Cantaloupe Melon
    With Sandeep Pandey, Chef

recent recipes

  • fennel_salad
    Pomegranate, Fennel and Orange Salad

    Using a mandolin, finely slice just the bulbs. Discard the tough stalks but keep the leaves for garnish

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  • Pached-Clementine
    Poached Clementine Compote

    To make the vanilla clementine syrup, combine the sugar, water and vanilla bean seeds or paste in a pot.

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  • Duck_Salad
    Chinese 5 Spice Duck Salad

    Trim any excess fat from around the duck breasts. Score the fat in a diamond pattern.

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from the blog

  • 01

    Hundreds of different phytonutrients exist in fruits and vegetables that protect the body from disease.

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  • mediterranean_food
    There’s no one “Mediterranean” diet.

    At least 16 countries border the Mediterranean Sea and ‘diets’ vary between these countries and also between regions within a country.

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  • Green_Salad
    Salad Greens

    Calorie for calorie, leafy green vegetables like rocket and watercress with their delicate texture

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  • garlic

    Many of the therapeutic effects of garlic are thought to be due to its volatile factors which are

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