No one likes soggy cold mushy veggies but have you tried them raw? They taste really good. They like ‘crunch’ in your mouth.

When you taste a new vegetable for the first time you may not always like it. That‘s ok but don’t give up because veggies are really good for you and this is the time you need to work on finding some you really like. Keep testing and tasting. Believe it or not your taste buds change and mature just like you. You may have to taste a vegetable 3 or 4 or even 10 times before you really like it. So keep trying until you find at least 5 vegetables you like.

How can you help a younger plate watcher at home

If you’ve got a little brother or sister who just looks at their dinner rather than devouring it – here’s how you can help. Here are some ideas you might like to try out.

They will learn by watching you so set a good example like this.

  • Don’t limit yourself to just a few foods, try lots of different vegetables!
  • Never say “I don’t like it” before you’ve tasted a new fruit or vegetable. Always taste first and then decide.
  • Don’t expect to like all new foods the first time you try them. You may have to taste a small amount again and again before you begin to get to like them.


  • Keep trying and tasting it often. Don’t give up… you’ll find your little sister or brother will copy you in time.
  • A family meal is a great way for everyone to get together, chat and catch-up with each other.
  • Sitting around the table we learn many things, like how to use a knife and fork properly. And now that you’re older, family meals are great times to explore new ingredients and foods.
  • If you’re willing to taste and try out new foods you’ll be amazed at how many new foods you actually get to like in time. Enjoying lots of different foods is the secret to eating well.
  • If you’re eating in a friend’s house you may even get an opportunity to try out foods you may have never seen or heard about before.
RawSkewer Smash and Mash Juice
Cut any raw colourful vegetable into strips or wedges or cubes. Try batons of carrots, strips of red peppers or thin slices of cucumber. Dip into your favourite soft cheese or hummus. Make your own edible kebab men with cocktail sticks Try cubed apples, fresh or tinned pineapple or grapes alongside your favourite veggies like cucumber, carrot or red peppers. Ask for help mashing your potato. Add in small amounts of garden peas, sweet corn or sweet potato to give it extra bite! Make your own concoctions of fruit and vegetables juices. Watch the juicer just suck in those veggies and squirt them out as colourful frothy cocktails. Team up veggies and fruits like carrots and apples.