You may have noticed something a little different about Total Produce TOP packaging. Each and every one of our pre-packed products carries a unique QR barcode. QR stands for “Quick Response” and these codes allow customers to access immediate relevant information on the fruit or vegetable on which the code appears. QR codes can be read by any smartphone, for example an iphone.

These codes are new – but are very easy to use.

  • Download a QR code scanner / reader for your smartphone from the appropriate site /store (for example, Apple’s “app store”). These scanning applications are usually free. You will only have to do this once.
  • Activate the application and point the phone camera at the QR code.
  • Press the “Scan” button.

Your smartphone will automatically be directed to the appropriate area of topfruit.com. For example, our mango QR code directs customers to a 3 minute video outlining how to pick, ripen and prepare a mango. There’s a quick serving suggestion featured as well.

We hope the addition of these QR will open up a whole new world of fresh produce for consumers – instantly answering the “What is that?”, “How Do I?”, “Why Should I?” questions that we all have from time to time. It delivers nutritional information, preparation advice, serving suggestions, and general information on all things fresh produce at the touch of a button. We hope it will encourage consumers to experiment with an ever broader range of delicious fruits and vegetables. To see a demonstration of our QR codes in operation, click here. All of the content available via our QR barcodes can be accessed directly on this site at any time.