Tomato and Asparagus Mousse

Serves 4 Ingredients Method

6-8 lightly cooked asparagus tips

1⁄2 pint of liquid aspic jelly

1 1⁄4 lb of tomatoes

Chicken stock

6oz of curd cheese (or sieved cottage cheese)

1 clove of Garlic Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 tblsp of chopped fresh basil

3 chopped spring onions

3 tsp powdered gelatine

3 tblsp of dry vermouth

Arrange the asparagus tips decoratively in the base of a 1- 1 1⁄2 pint lightly oiled mould. Add thin layer of liquid aspic. Chill to set the asparagus in position. Add remaining aspic and chill once again. Skin the tomatoes in the usual way. Put into a liquidiser and blend to a pulp. Sieve pulp and make up to 3⁄4 pint with chicken stock. Return the tomato pulp to the liquidiser together with the curd cheese, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Add the basil and spring onions. Blend until smooth. Dissolve gelatine in the dry Vermouth and add to the tomato mixture, making sure that it is evenly mixed. Pour carefully into prepared mould and chill for 3-4 hours until set. Unmould carefully onto a serving plate and serve with fingers of brown bread and butter.