Exotic Bellini

serves 10 Ingredients Method

Juice of 3 limes

Juice of 3 Ortaniques

Pulp of 3 Passion Fruit

2 tblsp grated Pineapple Grated

rind of 1⁄2 a Lime

3⁄4 lb of sugar

1 bottle of Champagne, chilled.

1 small bottle of ginger ale, chilled.

1 Papaya, scooped into balls.

Garnish: Fresh Mint leaves

Mix the lime and Ortanique juice with Passion fruit pulp, grated Pineapple, grated rind and sugar. Stir gently until the sugar is dissolved. Add the Champagne, Ginger Ale and Papaya balls. Garnish with a few sprigs of fresh mint and serve in a glass punch bowl.